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Tyler V Gafiegerhof

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I. Eltern

II. Groß-Eltern

III. Urgroß-Eltern

IV. Ururgroß-Eltern

Yari Von Santamar IPO 3 Kkl 1
HD-SV: HD a-normal
Vako V D Herderskring Kkl 1a,Sch III HD-normal Yugo v/d Michaelswiese
SchH3 HD normal
Fando v Südblick SchH3 VA HD-Ausland
Wespe v Wildpferdbruch SchH3 IP3 HD a-normal
Quelle v/d Herderskring SchH1 HD fast normal 4x VA Hoss v Hasenborn SchH3 IP3 FH VA HD-normal
Dana v/d Herderskring VZH VH1 HD a-normal
V Sambi Von Santamar IP2 Kkl 1 VA1 (I) Apoll vom Laacher-Haus SchH3/FH/IP3 Kkl 1 HD-SV: HD a-normal VA1 Jeck vom Noricum SCHH3 FH Kkl 1 HD-noch zugelassen
V Gitte vom Laacher-Haus SchH3 Kkl 1 HD-normal
V Fella vom Kaibach SchH1 Kkl 1 HD-normal V15 Idol vom Lechtal SchH3/FH Kkl 1 HD-normal
V Diana vom Laubental SchH1 Kkl 1 HD-normal
Kim v Gafiegerhof VZH AD
HD Fast-Normal
V Xandor Vom Fortunahof SchH1,IPO3 Kkl 1
VA1 (S) Mischaland's Simon SCHH3 HD-normal VA8 Max della Loggia dei Mercanti SchH3 Kkl 1 HD-SV: HD a-fast normal (a2)
V Mischaland's Vronie SCHH1 HD-normal
V Gitte vom Amur SchH1 Kkl 1 HD-noch zugelassen V26 Drago vom Amur SchH3 Kkl 1 HD-normal
V Farina vom Christinen Brunnen SchH1 Kkl 1 HD-normal
V Olivia vom Niederforstbach IPO1 Kkl 1 HD-Normal V51 Zoltan vom Haus Geltinger SchH3/FH1 Kkl 1 HD-normal V (BSZS) Unko vom Haus Zieglmayer SCHH3 KKL1 LBZ. Kkl 1 HD-SV: HD a-fast normal (a2)
V Vanta vom Haus Geltinger SchH1 Kkl 1 HD-fast normal
Ursel vom Tollensestrand HD-normal VA1 Kimon van Dan Alhedy's Hoeve SchH3 Kkl 1 HD-normal
V Xanni von der Wienerau SchH1 Kkl 1 HD-fast normal







"a" Normal (a1)

Good "a" Fast Normal (a2)
Fair "a" Noch Zuglelassen (a3)

Platoon Sergeant Jeremy Neal first contacted me about 18 months ago asking if I could take his dog Tyler. He was deploying to Iraq and his wife, with 3 children in base housing did not feel she could keep up with everything. Since it is against my policy to take in rescues other than the ones I have sold, I put him in touch with the local rescues. When I did not hear back, I assumed that Tyler had been placed.

About six months later, Jeremy e-mailed me again asking me to take the dog in. His wife e-mailed also explaining her situation. After thinking it through, I decided it was my turn to "give something back" to one of our service men. His shots were current, and they said he was healthy so I asked for papers. Jeremy had those as well, both foreign and AKC. I figured I could find Tyler a great home, but might have to keep him awhile.

The next thing I received were pictures of Tyler, his parents and his pedigree. He looked like a really nice German style dog. I sent a friend of mine over to pick up Tyler and bring him to me at the local club picnic. My friend said the whole neighborhood full of children turned out to say "good by" to Tyler. He had become such a part of the community that the Base animal control would bring him home and put him back in the yard when he strayed. It appeared that everyone loved Tyler. He turned out to be a wonderful dog with partial obedience training - sitz, plotz and "come" - mostly when he wants to. At the picnic, he got along with everyone and their dogs and kids.

Researching his pedigree, I am told that he has some really good dogs behind him. I know he is a joy to be around and a really fun dog. He got his international title 2/3/08 and the judge from Germany wanted to take him home with her.

Jeremy is now coming home, in good shape, and looking forward to getting a puppy from Tyler. Life has a way of shining on you when you least expect it.

Thank you Jeremy.

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